The Legacy of Rn’B Slow Jamz/Nu Soul (approved by DJ REVEREND P)

両方とも5年ほど前のものですが、「The Legacy of ~」ってシリーズだそうです。それぞれ 30曲ずつ入ってます。2つで 60曲。これさえあれば当分 肴には不自由しないレベルでしたよ。

「approved by DJ REVEREND P」ってなってるので「DJ REVEREND P」さん監修なんだろうけど、選曲がいいです! 時代も様々、歌い手さんも 知ってる人知らない人 様々ですが、裏で脈を打つ Soul っぽいのがね、堪りませんわ。Discogs で検索してもこのシリーズくらいしか出てこないのですが、プロフィールを見るとフランスの方のようです。正体不明な感じがまた興味をそそられますが、間違いなく今後手放せなくなるコンピレーションアルバムになりそうです。

CDでは配信より数曲多いようです。Bonus Track かな。あと現在イチオシ中の「When the Shades Go Down – Allure」も入ってました! たぶんコレが元でオススメされたのかな。

まだまだ聴き込み途中なので あんまり大きなことも言えないので、あとは察して下さい。笑
Rap少なめ(ほとんど無し)だったので 苦手な方もどうぞ。

Take you out - Luther Vandross
Don't Wanna Be A Player (Joe/Big Baby Remix) - Joe
They like it slow - H-Town
Pony (Extended Mix) - Ginuwine
Imagine that - Next
Naked without you (Full crew mix) - Roachford
Somebody Already Broke My Heart - Sade
When the Shades Go Down - Allure
No, No, No (Part 1) - Destiny's child
Are U still down? - Jon B. feat. 2Pac
Can You Get Wit It (Devante's Gangsta Lean Extended Edit) - Usher
5 Miles To Empty (Cutfather & Joe Remix Up) - Brownstone
Westside - TQ
In The Hood (remix version with rap) - Donell Jones
You Gotta Be - Des'ree
Show you the way to go - Men Of Vizion
Keep Tryin' (The Wet Mix) - Groove theory
Til The Cops Come Knockin' (MTV Unplugged) - Maxwell
Reason For Breathing - Babyface
Ready and willing - Jagged Edge
Days like this - Kenny Lattimore
I Wish (Remix - To The Homies That We Lost Uncensored Version)
The color of love - Boyz II Men
Come on over here - Toni Braxton
I really wanna sex your body - Link
I Apologize - Ruff Endz
Kiss the sky - Tatyana Ali
Sweet lady - Tyrese
Never Find Someone Like You - Keith Martin
Holler (Full crew smoove mix) - Ginuwine

Still believe in love - Jacksoul
She Don't Have to Know - John Legend
By your side - Sade
I Won't (Crazy World) (Bonus track on album) - Alicia Keys
Just What it Takes (Human Rhythm Remix) - Kenny Lattimore
Hopeless - Dionne Farris
So good (remix) - Davina feat. Raekwon
Heavenly Daughter (Soul Inside Mix) - Kwesi
Life Without You - LSK
I Am Your Woman (Summertime Remix Radio Edit) - Syleena Johnson
Get Up - Amel Larrieux
Stick Up Kid - Lyfe Jennings
Is It Possible - Raheem Devaughn
Don't you forget it - Glenn Lewis
Inside My Love - Trina Broussard
Matrimony: Maybe You - Maxwell
Loverman (live) - Joy Denalane
Charlene - Anthony Hamilton
A Rose Is Still A Rose - Aretha Franklin feat. Lauryn Hill
He loves me - Tatyana Ali
Need You - 7 Sons Of Soul
Guess Who Loves You More - Raheem Devaughn
Nature Of A Man - Heather Headley
Wish I Didn't Miss You - Angie Stone
I love you more than you'll ever know - Kenny Lattimore
I can't help it - Davina
Finer things - Jon B. feat. Nas
She Got Kids - Lyfe Jennings
Here I am (Bonus track on album) - Charlie Wilson
Be Thankful (Soul Inside Mix) - Omar feat. Angie Stone


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