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買った、届いた。今回も、図書館の利用者カードと並べてみた。前回(『Raspberry Pi model B + が届いたよ』)と比較して、更に小さい!!

2015-12-28 15.26.46

並べると、その差 歴然。

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Raspberry Pi Zero is an ultra-low-cost variant of the original Raspberry Pi ideal for prototyping and embedding into projects! You will need a mini-HDMI adaptor to use the Raspberry Pi Zero with a normal HDMI display (like a TV or monitor). We sell a Raspberry Pi Zero kit with adaptors here. You will need a micro-B USB to female USB A cable to use normal USB devices with the Raspberry Pi Zero. This is not a standard USB cable but we sell a Raspberry Pi Zero kit that includes a suitable cable here! Need a case? Check out our Pibow Zero! Kit contents: Raspberry Pi Zero Pin-out cheat sheet Check out our range of pHATs and accessories. Features: BCM 2835 SOC @ 1GHz 1GHz 512MB of RAM  micro-SD mini-HDMI micro-B USB for data micro-B USB for power Unpopulated 40-pin GPIO connector Compatible with existing HAT addons

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